The classical ART college offers a number of one-year courses in periods of 30 lesson weeks, which can be taken separately or in combinations of your choice.  A course 'composition techniques'; a course 'form theory, and anatomy'; a course 'spatial suggestion and perspective' and a course 'art history' (the latter spread over 2 periods).
Each course consists of two components on a weekly basis: a theoretical explanation and practical exercises, including an assignment. The latter is submitted and discussed on a weekly basis. The practical exercises follow a training in drawing and/or painting. Art history is global and stimulates out of the box thinking.
Every 6th week is dedicated to an online reflection


Courses consist of lesson packages sent out weekly, theoretical introductions combined with home assignments and introductions to painting and drawing techniques.
At the end of the academic year, participants are coached with the composition of a personal portfolio.

 The academic year consists of 30 lesson weeks, divided into 5 study blocks. For each block, both theoretical and practical visual aspects are explored in depth.

Working method

 Online education is individual. Every week a teaching package is sent with explanations and examples. This is always linked to a practical assignment. Within 5 days the completed assignments will be returned as a photo.
The comments, possibly with corrections and/or instructions, will be sent together with the next package.

After 5 weeks of teaching programmes and assignments, a reflection will take place in the 6th week. This takes place online in a video conference (time in consultation).

 In the course of the academic year 4 free fortnightly work periods are included, in which the participant incorporates the subject matter under his own steam. These free work periods coincide with the school holidays in the Netherlands.


The main advantage of online education is flexibility.
For example, you can enter several times a year (each time at the start of a new study block).
You can also create your own learning programme by following several courses next to each other or one after the other at your own discretion and preference.
The coaching is one-on-one and can also be easily adjusted to the individual demand. 
And the place of residence is not important in online education.

Program overview (summaries)

Study block 1
Composition: an introduction to the basic principles.
Form / anatomy: an overview of the human body: proportions, skeleton, functioning.
Plastic & perspective: Light and shadow
Art History: About hunters, cattle breeders and farmers

Study block 2
Composition: the constructive approach from geometric elements
Shape / anatomy: the structure of the head, neck and trunk
Plastic & perspective: Optical perspective
Art History: The Oldest High Cultures

Study block 3
Composition: the dynamic approach based on suggestions of movement or dance
Shape / anatomy: construction and movements in torso, shoulder girdle and arm
Plastic & perspective: The logic of the eye
Art History: The Classical Era

Study block 4
Composition: the musical approach based on tone, color and rhythms.
Shape / anatomy: hip, legs, hands, feet and shape-determining fat layers.
Plastic & perspective: The geometric perspective
Art History: The Cultures of Asia

Study block 5
Composition: the expressive effect, from theatrical to subdued
Shape / anatomy: the repetition of the outline of the first block.
Plastic & perspective: Perspective applications.
Art History: About thriving worlds.


During the academic year, the course can be started at the beginning of a 6-week study block.
In the academic year 2020-21 this will be in weeks 33, 39 or 47 in 2020; in 2021 in weeks 2, 10 and 16.
Summerschool is scheduled for 2021 in weeks 26, 27 and 28.
Free working periods in 2020 in the weeks are: 42-43; 52-53; in 2021: 7-8; 17-18; 24-25.


 In the academic year 2020-21 the classical ART college is in the starting phase, here we offer the courses at a discount:
until 1 September 2020 30% discount; until 1 January 2021 15% discount:

 Costs per course 2020-21 (25 lesson packages + 5 evaluations) in Euros per year:
when registering before 1 September 2020: € 425; between 2 September and 1 January: € 535; after 1 January 2021: € 645

Costs of the Pre-academic 2020-21 (2 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros per year (discount 10%):
when registering before 1 September 2020: € 775; between 2 September and 1 January: € 965; after 1 January 2021: € 1160

 Costs of the Part-academic 2020-21 (3 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros per year (discount 15%):
when registering before 1 September 2020: € 1095; between 2 September and 1 January: € 1370; after 1 January 2021: € 1645.

Costs of the Full-Academic 2020-21 (4 courses at the same time, or consecutively) are in Euros per year (discount 20%):
when registering before 1 September 2020: € 1375; between 2 September and 1 January: € 1720; after 1 January 2021: € 2065.

 Costs of the Summerschool 2021 are in Euro's per week, for the basic week € 475; for the fortnightly floor € 900; for all three weeks € 1150.

Tuition fees to be paid in advance, payment schedule on request.

See by the way the General Terms and Conditions.