At the moment there is a global trend: all over the world artists are striving to regain knowledge and skill, of visual quality in art, they call it skill-based art.

They are striving for the restoration of classical values in art: the intrinsic, the distinctive and the formal.
To mastery of composition, form, tonal values and colour as the basis for artistic expression at a high level, regardless of style direction or subject.
And this includes the necessary knowledge of art history, anatomy, perspective, materials and techniques, etc.

The classical ART college contributes to this resurgence of skill in art.
With a programme that focuses on knowledge in addition to feeling; on knowledge in addition to intuition; on discipline in addition to freedom.

The online programme offers theoretical knowledge linked to practical assignments; technical skills linked to personal development.
Lessons are sent on a weekly basis, and the assignments also receive weekly feedback. The personal elaborations can be discussed on a weekly basis or - in every sixth week - during an online video reflection.

Purpose and dedication is professional art practice.
Candidates are asked to send along visual material of their own work when registering; this will be used to assess whether or not participation is worthwhile.